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Paradise Islands: Pulau HARI and Pulau BOKORI



You can take the opportunity to chill out and enjoy on tiny, typically uninhabited dream islands. Spotless white sand beaches invite to swimming and snorkeling in the 28-34C crystal-clear water...



Enjoy the Robinson-like experience of Hari Island - a small island paradise only a few hundred yards in length, located off the coast of Kendari about one hour by boat.

The indonesian term "Hari" translates to "daylight". The native attributed the island with this name because of the intensive reflections of sunlight caused by the calm sea surface. The island is surrounded by a marvellous coral reef and offers great snorkeling opportunities.


Pulau Hari beach

sunset on Pulau Hari

Pulau Hari beach


The small (0,15 km2) uninhabited paradise island BOKORI can be reached in 45 min from Kendari by car and boat.

Relax and take a walk on the white sandy beaches and enjoy the impressing panorama of the sea. Crystal-clear, turquoise-shining water lures to swim and snorkel.





view on Pulau Bokori


Pulau Bokori beach




To spend a night with sunset on the beach is a romantic highlight.



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